Growing up as a minority in a family of seven I learned the importance of home-ownership, integrity, and gratitude. Today, I implement all of those qualities to provide outstanding service to every client. I approach every transaction with the goal of sharing my knowledge to help my clients navigate through the process of finding the best option for their home purchase. Prior to entering the mortgage industry, I spent eight years in business and production management, where I mastered organizational skills, time management skills, and, attention to detail; which now helps provide serene transactions.

I am a bilingual professional who speaks English and Spanish. Equal opportunities are my priority therefore my goal is the same for each one of my clients; offering guidance and the support they need to make home-ownership a reality. Also, assuring they get every question answered and they go through the process with excitement and confidence.  

I want to show our community that owning a home is possible. You can now stop throwing your money away paying rent! There is no place like home, so why continue renting a home when you can become a home owner.